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Addiction in Relationships

The topic of how to handle addiction in a relationship can be confusing and conflicted. There is a lot to sort through with a partner who’s addicted, and it forces couples to think about where they stand with addiction.

I was recently invited to be a guest on a wonderful podcast that deals with relationships called Ready Set Love. In the interview with John Howard, we covered common questions and issues that come up in relationships. Things like:

  • Who is responsible for the recovery of a person with an addiction?
  • How can a partner help?
  • What to do about the conflict, and how to think about addiction together
  • How to speak to an addicted partner who’s resistant to care

If you are in a relationship and looking to better understand how to handle one or both people being addicted, listen to this episode to learn helpful ways to think about and handle it.

Click here or below to listen:


43 Addiction in Relationships

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