Why Self Recovery? 

We’re a no frills, no judgment alternative to traditional recovery programs. We make a difficult process simple by seamlessly integrating all the best proven strategies that normally take many treatments to discover. Our holistic model guides you through the underlying emotional causes of addiction so you can reach beyond sobriety and find a deep, lasting life change. Self Recovery is a grassroots movement challenging the idea that success is complicated and requires endless willpower.

Why online? 

We believe addiction is something regular people from all walks of life suffer from. That’s why we’re built to fit the real life hurdles of busy schedules, family responsibilities, tight budgets, and fear of judgment. Being online and on-demand means you can be as private or shared as you'd like, and still access the change you deserve. More than convenience, being online lets you safely explore your demons in a personal way, free from our natural tendency to keep a facade.

Watch Dr. Hochman’s lesson on a holistic 5-phase recovery model.

This free 10-minute video lesson will:

  • Help you understand why we remain addicted even when we know better
  • Teach you an intuitive, systematic approach to end addictive behaviors
  • Put together the latest neuroscience and evidence-based strategies from the addiction field

Check out what people have to say about us!

“I’ve overdosed, I’ve been homeless, I’ve sold it myself…Self Recovery has guided me to do the things I want to do and that I’m capable of.”

-Sarah T.

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It’s exactly the right amount of guidance.

Studies show too much hand-holding can be a setup for failure, and too little will leave you lost. This program is just the right amount to promote change.

Being online doesn’t replace people… in fact, the opposite.

We empower you to build healthier and more connected relationships for a lifetime. Don’t get stuck forming temporary support systems that only last the length of a program.

Online care is proven, not experimental.

Research shows online mental healthcare is on par with or better than face-to-face care. Dozens of studies have debunked the old industry belief that addiction can only be treated through intensive in-person programs.

Private, judgement-free, and anonymous.

We truly heal when we address our weaknesses. Research shows that the more comfortable and free of judgment you feel, the more you can overcome and grow.

The right mindset.

Doing lessons where and when you want allows you to be in the right mindset to challenge yourself deeply. We fit your life instead of the other way around.

The latest proven techniques.

Being online lets us continually update as new research comes out, so you can trust that our approach will never be out-of-date.

Freedom to revisit lessons.

A well-known problem in learning is that most lessons don’t stick. Our lessons can easily be revisited to maximize your efforts.

Easily involve the people you choose.

No more frustrations with miscommunication. Simply share - or even go through - lessons with a loved one so you can include and empower the right people.

Life uninterrupted.

Reduce time and cost barriers. A 30-day stay can be impractical. Get better with ease and comfort - the way it should be.

Vacations don’t last. Internal transformation does.

Achieve your goals in your everyday environment so you can adapt in ways that last. No surprises when you finish the program.

Maximize other treatment if you have it.

Our program can be used to fill in the gaps of others treatments. Doing this before, during, or after other efforts will ensure you get the most out of them.

Take the time this deserves.

Research shows it takes at least 3 months to rewire the brain. You have control over how long you access the program to support your growth.

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