A 90-Day Rehab That Fits In Your Pocket


Science-based, quality programming directly to you.

Yep. We're on a mission to change the way addiction care is delivered.



Self Recovery – The Online Addiction Recovery Program



All Online

Bite-sized video lessons on demand. Daily reflections and exercises to apply information. No fear of judgement, and changes are made in your real-life situations. Be a part of a community through forums.



We cover the root causes of addiction like impulsivity, fear of failure, childhood difficulties, and a lack of belonging. Learn behavioral, cognitive, relational, physical and emotional aspects of healing. 


On your time

Not everyone can take time from work or family. No appointments, approvals, or waitlists…you decide when to start and stop lessons and activities. Access from any computer or mobile. 


Practice mindfulness through a series of exercises guided by a renowned expert. These are proven through research to help train the mind to find calm, patience and kindness.

Designed by an MD

Taught by a psychiatrist who understands addiction and human behavior. Psychology based, using the best science from across the world.


Any Addiction

Because we get to the core, this program can be used for any type of addiction (drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, shopping, eating, internet, gaming, exercise, work).