About Dr. Hochman

Through his private practice and consultant roles with several addiction treatment facilities, Dr. Daniel Hochman has helped over a thousand people suffering with addiction learn how to live a more peaceful and free life.


Why Self Recovery?

People are falling into addiction, and continuing to suffer from it faster than our community can help them. For Dr. Hochman, that unfortunately that has meant receiving calls for help and needing to turn them away due to the constraints of being a psychiatrist who can only treat one person at a time. It was only right to share his approach and technique for more people, and in an accessible way.



Throughout Dr. Hochman’s medical training and life, he has always been obsessively curious about what actually causes human suffering to progress or continue. He believes in questioning anything that doesn’t add up, and doesn’t stop until he has answers that provide full understandings. Addiction is quite complex, and if you get incomplete answers to difficult questions, you get incomplete results.

With the medical training of a physician and the psychological expertise of a psychiatrist, Dr. Hochman is passionate about bringing people the best help known to science. He draws on experience, a range of therapy modalities, and research from thousands of studies to provide an encompassing and understandable approach that bridges existing gaps in addiction care. His technique has proven to be effective for a variety of addictive processes and severities.


Dr. Hochman on Austin’s CBS Morning Show:



Dr. Hochman attended the University of Texas in Austin where he received two degrees with Honors, and the All-American Scholar Collegiate Award. He completed medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, where he received the Global Healthcare Scholarship to pursue his interest in indigent care in Latin America. He completed his residency in Denver at the University of Colorado. There he was chosen to serve as Chief Resident, and was awarded the Psychiatry Academic Achievement Award. He is board certified in General Adult Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Dr. Hochman has worked in and taught addiction in a range of clinical settings, including: private addiction rehabs, outpatient addiction clinics, an academic rehab center (CeDAR: Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation), department of defense programs (Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center), and the department of veterans affairs (VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System). He regularly speaks for the general public, organizations, and clinicians on the topics of addiction and mental health.

He is a consultant for rehabs and addiction programs, and has a private practice where he treats addiction cases that have not fully responded to other forms of treatment. Dr. Hochman is the President of Texas Physicians for Social Responsibility, which he enjoys as a way of serving the community in creative ways beyond the clinical setting.


Not so serious things about Dr. Hochman

He enjoys breakfast tacos, inflatable kayaking, traveling to Latin America, and the view from the bottom of mountains more than from the top. He is a fan of Seinfeld and the Broncos. He doesn’t like closed-minded people, mosquitoes, or chopped liver.


Client Notes:

“More than anything, you helped me feel like I am “okay.” You have a gift of setting me at ease with your warmth and accepting nature, but you back that up with the concepts you teach so I can actually let go of the shame I’ve carried forever.”

“I cannot recommend Self Recovery highly enough! It’s been a joy working through the program, and the results have been life-changingly positive.”

“Dr. Hochman gets it! I’ve already been diagnosed with so many things before. All that did was name my illness. What Self Recovery did is help me finally understand how it developed, and give me exercises to retrain my brain to become the person I dreamed of. I can’t believe this happened actually.”


Giving back to our community

A portion of all sales goes back to the community struggling to enter addiction treatment. We also believe in helping to take care of the root of the issue by giving talks, consulting with other organizations, and building community with other like-minded organizations. If you are an organization or community that would like to form a stronger web to fight addiction, please contact us at hello@selfrecovery.org and we would be excited to speak to you.