Self Recovery Program

Meet Dr. Daniel Hochman, industry leading psychiatrist in the field of addiction recovery who developed this innovative program.


Change feels frustrating and out of reach when we feel broken or have too many life demands. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

We’re here to take down everything that stands in your way of success so you can truly transform.

Why Self Recovery? 

We’re a no frills, no judgment alternative to traditional recovery programs that makes a difficult process much more comfortable and simple. Our holistic model guides you through the underlying emotional causes of addiction so you can reach beyond sobriety and find a deep, lasting life change. Self Recovery is a grassroots movement challenging the idea that success is complicated and requires endless willpower.

Why online? 

We believe addiction is something regular people from all walks of life suffer from. That’s why we’re built to fit the real life hurdles of busy schedules, family responsibilities, tight budgets, and fear of judgment. Being online and on-demand means you can access the change you deserve, as privately or shared as you’d like. More than convenience, being online lets you safely explore your demons in a personal way, free from our natural tendency to keep a facade.

See how a simple, yet complete program changed John's life...

Check out this case study!

“I always thought it was… quit doing the drugs and then everything will go back to normal.”

-John R.

What We Believe In

You may have been told to meet a program's needs.

We believe programs should meet your needs.

You may have been told to accept help from your supports.

We believe in giving you the tools to finally let them in.

You may have been told addiction is the source of suffering.

We believe suffering is the source of addiction.

You may have been told to have more self control.

We believe in growing self acceptance.

"I promise you that you will never regret this program by Dr. Hochman. He saved me. I know it will be one of the toughest decisions of your life but nothing changes… if nothing changes." 

-Kim (Self Recovery Student)

Being Online Allows Us To Be Private, Judgement-Free, and Anonymous

It's exactly the right amount of guidance.

Studies show too much hand-holding can be a setup for failure, and too little will leave you lost. This program is just the right amount to promote change.  

Being online doesn't replace people... in fact, the opposite.

We empower you to build healthier and more connected relationships for a lifetime. Don’t get stuck forming temporary support systems that only last the length of a program.  

Online care is proven, not experimental.

Research shows online mental healthcare is on par with or better than face-to-face care. Dozens of studies have debunked the old industry belief that addiction can only be treated through intensive in-person programs. 

The Right Mindset

Doing lessons where and when you want allows you to be in the right mindset to challenge yourself deeply. We fit your life instead of the other way around.  

The latest proven techniques.

We empower you to build healthier and more connected relationships for a lifetime. Don’t get stuck forming temporary support systems that only last the length of a program.  

Freedom to revisit lessons.

A well-known problem in learning is that most lessons don’t stick. Our lessons can easily be revisited to maximize your efforts.

Easily involve the people you choose.

No more frustrations with miscommunication. Simply share - or even go through - lessons with a loved one so you can include and empower the right people. 

Life Uninteruppted

Reduce time and cost barriers. A 30-day stay can be impractical. Get better with ease and comfort - the way it should be.  

Vacations don't last. Internal transformation does.

Achieve your goals in your everyday environment so you can adapt in ways that last. No surprises when you finish the program.  

Maximize other treatment if you have it.

Our program can be used to fill in the gaps of others treatments. Doing this before, during, or after other efforts will ensure you get the most out of them.

Take the time this deserves.

Research shows it takes at least 3 months to rewire the brain. You have control over how long you access the program to support your growth.


Whether you feel like running the other way, or hiding from the pain, there’s no worry. Keep this journey as personal as you need to with our fully private approach and anonymous forums.


We respect your responsibilities at work and home. Do this on your own time, on demand, with bite-sized video and reflection lessons accessible from any device.


Don’t settle for an incomplete approach ever again. We fill in all your gaps and build you a web of tools so there’s no more sliding back.


The concepts and tools in this program were created using only the most up-to-date, leading edge science. Designed and created by a Psychiatrist and mindfulness expert.


We take the usual frustrations and guesswork out with an easy to use step-by-step approach. Turn what feels complex and overwhelming into calm mastery.

Real People, Real Stories

“I’ve overdosed, I’ve been homeless, I’ve sold it myself.”

-Sarah T.

“I was quite materialistic before, and unmindful.”

-Sam S.

“I was medicating myself having no clue how to do it.”

-Clint S.

Enroll in Self Recovery for $1

All Plans Come With...

  • Full Self Recovery Program
  • Self-Paced
  • 100% Private
  • 12-Week Pacing Guide
  • Evidence-Based Techniques
  • Private Forum
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee  
  • Cancel anytime


$1 for 14-Days, then


Yearly (Most Popular)

$1 for 14-Days, then

$79/mo (billed annually) 

Lifetime (Best Value)

$1 for 14-Days, then

$1299 one-time

We go further than removing the traditional industry barriers out there… we help you remove your own internal barriers too. See for yourself by starting your $1, 14-day trial and get inside right now! In that time, you’ll be able to complete our ‘Foundations’ module that uses science to explain why change is more possible than you might think.

About Dr. Hochman

Dr. Hochman attended the University of Texas in Austin where he received two degrees with Honors, and the All-American Scholar Collegiate Award. He completed medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, where he received the Global Healthcare Scholarship to pursue his interest in indigent care in Latin America. He completed his residency in Denver at the University of Colorado. There he was chosen to serve as Chief Resident, and was awarded the Psychiatry Academic Achievement Award. He is board certified in General Adult Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.  

Dr. Hochman has worked in and taught addiction in a range of clinical settings, including: private addiction rehabs, outpatient addiction clinics, an academic rehab center (CeDAR: Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation), department of defense programs (Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center), and the department of veterans affairs (VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System). He regularly speaks for the general public, organizations, and clinicians on the topics of addiction and mental health.  

He is a consultant for rehabs and addiction programs, and has a private practice where he treats addiction cases that have not fully responded to other forms of treatment. Dr. Hochman is the President of Texas Physicians for Social Responsibility, which he enjoys as a way of serving the community in creative ways beyond the clinical setting.

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