Real Stories From Real People

What clients are saying:

“I always thought it was: quit doing the drugs, get off the drugs, and everything would go back to normal.”

“Sure enough [Self Recovery] did work, because now I’m sitting here years later and I’m doing… great.”


-John R.

“My life before treatment, I felt like I was being buffeted by unseen forces.”

“I think that [Dr. Hochman’s] approach to dealing with issues is quite insightful. How to understand what forces are compelling you to behave in certain ways.”


-Sam S.

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Kim’s Story:

“My life was hell, waking up with hangovers everyday telling myself I’m going to stop today but as soon as that hangover feeling went away I was back in my same old routine. I wasn’t as good of a mom as I could be. I was a very mean and rude person to all of my loved ones. I was pushing off events with friends, family so I could sit at home by myself and drink…”

“More than anything, you helped me feel like I am “okay.” You have a gift of setting me at ease with your warmth and accepting nature, but you back that up with the concepts you teach so I can actually let go of the shame I’ve carried forever.”

“I cannot recommend Self Recovery highly enough! It’s been a joy working through the program, and the results have been life-changingly positive.”

“Dr. Hochman gets it! I’ve already been diagnosed with so many things before. All that did was name my illness. What Self Recovery did is help me finally understand how it developed, and give me exercises to learn myself and become the person I dreamed of. I can’t believe this happened actually.”

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know. This was life-changing. I whole-heartedly recommend this course.”

“I started this course because a friend told me to do it. I have to admit I was very skeptical, but it has changed my life! Dr Hockman goes through so many things about addiction, it was like he really knew me. This program included lessons on why I have an addiction, and taught me how to think about my addiction and what to do about it. There are also exercises. I spent a lot of time on the exercises because they made me think of some really deep things. The songs included are great and now I love hearing them on the radio because they make me think about how great this has all been. I have also started to do mindfulness exercises every day. Thank you self recovery for making me a new person!!”


“I felt like I was judged… I lost hope because everybody lost hope in me.”

“I could definitely tell that it [Self Recovery] was going to be different. I had the feeling right away. It has you asking questions to yourself so that you want to understand yourself.”


-Sarah T.

“I was medicating myself having no clue how to do it.”

“I didn’t feel like I was judged at all. I didn’t feel humiliated. Dr. Hochman’s system is able to take different aspects of all your life and really put them together in a way to where you can really get to the root of the problem.


-Clint S.

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What addiction professionals are saying:

Harold Minkowitz, MD

Clinical Investigator of Acute Pain

“We have a large population of patients that are part of our country’s opioid epidemic. Dr. Hochman has already been incredibly helpful to his individual patients. I am excited that he offers his approach through Self Recovery as an inexpensive tool for anyone to get back onto the road to recovery.”

William Schroeder, LPC, NCC

Director of Just Mind Counseling

“Dr. Hochman is a rare bird. He is extremely bright and yet also very empathetic… You will quickly notice he is not the type of psychiatrist who is pushing pills to fix a problem but rather the type who helps you build skills and insight to practice so you may not need a medication in the future. In talking with him, you may notice an IBM Watson type brain that is filled with research and best practices — which he is able to put into very simple and actionable points.”

David Jones, MD, MPH, ABAM

Founder & Medical Director, Prudent Opiate Practices & Psychological Services

“Dr. Hochman and I have worked closely together for a while and he has always shown such talent in treating addiction patients. My clinic turns to him and trusts him with complex addiction cases since he understands and can deal with the full range of causes of addiction, including the emotional aspects underneath it. I am excited he has created Self Recovery as a way for more of our patients to get his help. The program covers a way of looking at addiction from start to finish, and can be used for any type of addiction, whether it’s a substance or a process like gambling or sex.”

Lisa Winkler, MD

Medical Director of Clinica Family Health

“As a family medicine physician and the medical director of a Community Health Center, I see first hand the challenges that face my patients who are affected by addiction. When a patient is motivated to access treatment for their addiction, the options available are often exceedingly expensive and disappointingly ineffective, leading to low rates of initiating treatment and high rates of relapse. is an innovative program that motivates patients to actively participate in their own care, an element of chronic disease management that has been recognized as a mechanism to improve outcomes in many other chronic diseases. Dr. Hochman has developed an evidence-based, self-paced, inexpensive, easy-to-follow curriculum which is unique in the field of addiction. I continue to be impressed with and am happy to recommend it to my patients.”


What families are saying:

“Thanks for giving me my daughter back. I am forever grateful.”

“This was such a perfect way to help my brother when we all felt like there was no way to reach him. I think the difference was that it wasn’t “in your face” and let him understand his problems without us staying on his case everyday. To anyone questioning whether this is a real way to help someone you care about: do it!”

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