How It Works

It’s normal to get stuck in destructive cycles. It’s also normal if you’ve encountered any of these barriers:

Shame | Time | Money | Lack of evidence-based options | Underlying emotional distress not dealt with | Continued growth not supported

We’re on a mission to take down everything that stands in your way of success so you can truly transform. Here’s why you can do it this time…

1. Easy One Minute Enrollment.

No wait-lists or approvals. Begin your journey as soon as you sign up. All on-demand so you can start and pause as you please, from any device.

No leaving behind family or pets. No time out from work. And no breaking the bank.

Because we get to the root causes, Self Recovery works for any addiction (from heroin to sugar!).

Although very effective on its own, this can be used to enhance gains before, during, or after other forms of help.

Make this as private or shared as you want it to be – you’re in control.

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2. Gain Insights and Understandings Through Video Lessons & Mindfulness Meditation.

Think of this as the course on life you wish you could’ve had years ago. Far from simplistic advice, we help you privately and safely gain a true understanding of yourself and what lies beneath your habits so you can finally control your addictive behaviors. We teach you how and why we can do such self-destructive things so that you can make sense of this with science and psychology… not a tough grind 😉

All evidence-based and delivered by psychiatrist, Daniel Hochman, MD and renowned mindfulness teacher, Geeta Cowlagi. We’ve vetted through 1000’s of studies on addiction so you don’t have to. Access the best proven strategies from across the globe in an easy-to-understand, streamlined experience like never done before. All you have to do is watch, then hit ‘Next’.

Lessons are bite-sized (usually 3-10 minutes) so you can realistically fit this into your life, as well as maintain focus. It takes roughly 12 weeks to go through the program if you spend an hour every weekday on it, but you choose a comfortable pace. We encourage revisiting concepts as needed.

Check out our curriculum and pacing guide by clicking here.

You will go through 6 Modules:

  1. Foundations: a crash course on the science of addictive behavior
  2. Addiction: strategies to interrupt the “fuck it” stage
  3. Cravings: methods of steering your ‘wants’ before they become action
  4. False Pleasures: a close look at what the mind is searching for
  5. Emotional Pain/Distress: safely address the root cause of the distress you escape/avoid/numb
  6. Health: ways of finding connection and contentment outside of pleasure seeking

Check out a sample video lesson:

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Did You Know...?

Online approaches are proven as effective as in-person ones because you can safely challenge yourself when it’s on your own time, in your own environment, and without judgment. Read the research for yourself by clicking: Review of Online vs In-Person Psychotherapeutic Interventions, or see a list of hundreds more.

3. Turn New Understandings Into Change.

Harness the science of behavior change by integrating and acting upon your new understandings.

We’ve carefully designed ways to rewire the thoughts and emotional regulation beneath your behaviors using:

  • Exercises
  • Reflections
  • Challenges
  • Focused Journaling
  • Music

Music like this can help us connect to concepts more fully:

4. Solidify Your Change & Continue To Grow

This is the part where you leave addiction behind. Studies show that we need time to rewire, and that ongoing practice is what makes things stick. Like a favorite movie, you’ll pick up new things each time around. Access our program as long as you choose so you can revisit and practice concepts multiple times before they stick. We’re in your corner for the long haul!

Easily include and share lessons with important people (like a partner, family, or counselor) so they can be a part of your team. Also use our forums inside to share and help one another.

With our approach, you don’t just stop the addictive behavior. We help you find true joy in a new way of life so that turning back isn’t even a temptation.



Click below for a demo of what it looks like inside:

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