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Unlike in-person treatment options, Self Recovery has no wait-lists or approvals. You can begin your journey as soon as you sign up. Lessons and exercises are available on-demand so you can start and pause as you please, from any device.

No leaving behind family or pets. No time out from work. No breaking the bank.

Gain Actionable Insights Via Video Lessons and Meditation​

Self Recovery helps you gain a true understanding of yourself and what lies beneath your habits so you can finally control your addictive behaviors. Learn the science and psychology behind self-destructive behaviors so that you can create lasting change.

Bite-sized, research-base lessons that fit into your life and help you maintain focus.

Turn Understandings into Healthy Habits that Bring Positive Change

Self Recovery uses the science of behavior change to help you rewire the thoughts and emotional regulation beneath your addiction. You’ll learn how to act upon your new understandings via reflections, challenges, focused journaling and music.

Think of Self Recovery as the course on life you wish you found years ago.

Solidify Your Change, Continue to Grow & Create a Lifetime of Joy

This is the part where you leave addiction behind. With our holistic approach, you don’t just stop your addictive behaviors. Self Recovery helps you find true joy and new meaning in a whole new way of living so that turning back isn’t even a temptation.

Access our program as long as you choose. Revisit and practice concepts multiple times to ensure they stick.

Watch a Sample Video Lesson from Self Recovery

Self Recovery gets to the root causes and can work for any type of addiction, from heroin to sugar. Here’s how:

The lessons and activities are delivered by board-certified psychiatrist, Daniel Hochman, MD and renowned mindfulness teacher, Geeta Cowlagi. We’ve researched 1,000s of studies on addiction and incorporated the best proven strategies into an easy-to-follow, streamlined experience.

The Program Consists of 6 Modules:


Get updated and accurate answers to things like: why we hurt ourselves even when we know better, what addiction isn't, what addiction is, the psychology of how it develops, and a proven path to move forward based on science.


This module helps you identify triggers, practice distraction techniques and coping skills for when addiction takes hold, and think about relapse planning in a constructive way. The outward addictive behavior is just one piece of the puzzle.


Learn where cravings come from and get to know your "wanting mind." Identify obsessions and cravings before they take hold, tolerate impulsivity and stress when it comes up, and become empowered when they pass.


Make sense of the important aspects pleasure so that your orient towards the deeper lasting kinds. Know the difference between healthy and harmful pleasures, what to do about the natural drive to seek reward.


This module gets into the root of addiction that you MUST deal with. Learn about how to properly address: childhood challenges, loneliness, unhealthy relationships, anxiety, guilt and regrets, sadness, trauma, anger, irritability, and other painful emotional states.


End by developing a life of sustained meaning, wisdom, and contentment. Learn to grow healthy lifestyle habits, connected relationships, discipline, humility, gratitude, purpose, compassion, and other deep and lasting mindsets.

It takes roughly 12 weeks to complete the Self Recovery program if you spend an hour every weekday on it, but you choose a comfortable pace. We encourage you to revisit these concepts as often as needed. Check out our curriculum and pacing guide here.

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Do Online Addiction Programs Really Work?​

Online addiction treatment programs like Self Recovery are proven as effective as in-person ones because you can safely challenge yourself when it’s on your own time, in your own environment, and without judgment. Read the research for yourself by clicking: Review of Online vs In-Person Psychotherapeutic Interventions, or see a list of hundreds more.

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