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Are you frustrated trying approaches that don’t stick?

We provide courses to help you address the root cause of your habit and live with control.

For You

Get Started

6 Day Habit Challenge - $6

This 6 day challenge walks you through an effective model, and provides thought provoking questions and tips.

Takes 6 days.


*No certificate

Beginner Course

Addiction Recovery Toolbox - $79

This brief course covers the science of addiction, cultural myths, how it develops, and an introduction into a holistic approach to end it.

Takes 1-2 days.


*No certificate

The Complete Journey

Self Recovery Full Program

This is our flagship program that guides you through every aspect of your addiction step by step. You’ll change in ways you never expected.

Takes 3+ months.


*Certificate of completion included

For Others

For Clinicians

Addiction Toolbox For Clinicians - $79

Learn the most important concepts, methods, and resources so you can feel comfortable treating addiction.

Takes 1-2 days.


For Friends & Family

Addiction Toolbox for Loved Ones - $79

It’s hard having loved ones who are struggling and it feels like there’s nothing we can do to help. We’re here to change that.

Takes 1-2 days.


Daniel Hochman, M.D. directly brings you the same methods that he teaches organizations like...

Do Online Addiction Programs Really Work?​

Online addiction treatment programs like Self Recovery are proven as effective as in-person ones because you can safely challenge yourself when it’s on your own time, in your own environment, and without judgment. Read the research for yourself by clicking: Review of Online vs In-Person Psychotherapeutic Interventions, or see a list of hundreds more.


Self Recovery Can Help You Create the Life You Want to be Living

See what people just like you are saying about our holistic approach to addiction care:

“More than anything, you helped me feel like I am “okay.” You have a gift of setting me at ease with your warmth and accepting nature, but you back that up with the concepts you teach so I can actually let go of the shame I’ve carried forever.”

–  Katie T

“I cannot recommend Self Recovery highly enough! It’s been a joy working through the program, and the results have been life-changingly positive.” 

–  Jay M

“Dr. Hochman gets it! I’ve already been diagnosed with so many things before. All that did was name my illness. What Self Recovery did is help me finally understand how it developed, and give me exercises to retrain my brain to become the person I dreamed of. I can’t believe this happened actually.”

–  Jacob K

Click here to see testimonials from people who have used Self Recovery to successfully treat their addiction.​

Take a Look Inside the Full Self Recovery Program

Watch a video walkthrough of the program below.

Our full program brings a proven, science-based approach right to you, when and where you want it.

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For Organizations

Addiction has consequences for individuals and the systems they are a part of. We help treatment centers, payers, EAP’s, the criminal justice system, and more. Contact us about customizable options.