Addiction Toolbox for Providers

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Get access to the most important information and resources so you can feel comfortable treating addiction.

  • Know the basics about addiction and how to incorporate it into your treatment
  • Gain confidence handling most addiction issues
  • Apply skills you already have to addiction treatment
  • Have useful resources on the ready for yourself and your clients
  • Access help from other therapists like yourself
  • Your one-stop hub for everything you want addiction related!
  • Taught by a leader in the addiction field, Daniel Hochman, MD

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Daniel Hochman, MD

Through his private practice and as a consultant for several addiction treatment facilities, Daniel Hochman, MD has helped thousands of people suffering with addiction learn how to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

As a leader in the addiction field, Dr. Hochman has been invited to speak for a range of organizations, including Whole Foods and NAADAC, the largest organization for addiction-focused healthcare professionals. NAADAC lecture remains the most attended in its history.