Addiction Recovery Toolbox

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This Toolbox is your quick start to accurately learn how addiction works and what to do about it. It is designed to help you more fully understand the illogical nature of addiction and be more productive with your efforts.

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$79 Lifetime Enrollment 

I didn’t feel like I was judged at all. I didn’t feel humiliated. Dr. Hochman’s system is able to take different aspects of all your life and really put them together in a way to where you can really get to the root of the problem.
-Clint S. (Self Recovery Client)

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Addiction Recovery Toolbox

$ 79
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Daniel Hochman, MD

Through his private practice and as a consultant for several addiction treatment facilities, Daniel Hochman, MD has helped thousands of people suffering with addiction learn how to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

As a leader in the addiction field, Dr. Hochman has been invited to speak for a range of organizations, including Whole Foods and NAADAC, the largest organization for addiction-focused healthcare professionals. NAADAC lecture remains the most attended in its history.