About Us

How did you come up with the idea for this program?

After finding that patients respond well to the same series of lessons and reflection exercises that are given at expensive rehabs or one-on-one sessions, it hit us: why not put that online so that anyone can access those lessons? Right now only 1 in 10 addicted people get help, yet over 90% of them want it. We believe in tearing down the common barriers including: stigma and shame around addiction, cost, insurance barriers, long waitlists, and the time commitment. Our team brings passion and enthusiasm to provide addiction rehab to more people in a way that makes sense.

What makes your program special?

2 things: convenience and quality. Because we’re completely online, you get instant access to programming when you want, where you want, private and free of judgement. Being online also lets us easily bring you high quality, in-depth programming. It is designed and delivered by a Psychiatrist using only the best evidence-based practices from around the world. You don’t have to worry about getting bad information or inexperienced help.

What has been the best part of starting this project?

Bringing people together! It’s been an amazing experience to listen carefully to patients, providers and treatment teams to take on this project. Everyone has the same goals in mind, and it’s wonderful to hear how a simple idea has already had an impact on so many lives.

Giving back.

A portion of all sales goes back to the community struggling to enter addiction treatment. We also believe in helping to take care of the root of the issue by giving talks, consulting with other organizations, and building community with other like-minded organizations. If you are an organization or community that would like to form a stronger web to help addictive processes, please contact us and we would be excited to speak to you.