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The best way to make a change is to start

At Self Recovery we believe in your potential to transform on your own. We empower people with a unique approach based on science that anyone can do from home.

This 6 day challenge, created by Daniel Hochman, M.D., will help you overcome the hidden forces that drive your unwanted habits.

What does the '6 Day Challenge' do?

Traditional guidance misses the mark:

We all know what healthy choices are (don’t drink too much, don’t use drugs, eat healthy, exercise)… nobody needs help with that. Most people try to force change by willpower to make those better choices. But that’s an old-fashioned model that requires endless motivation and works less than 20% of the time.

Understand how your behaviors really work:

Science has taught us a lot in the last few decades about how behavior change works. As a psychiatrist, I have put together a model that addresses the underlying psychology of unwanted habits. When you truly understand what drives your actions, you gain control and change becomes more natural.

Get challenged in all the right ways:

You will be introduced to an evidence-based model that’s easy to follow. Each day you will be guided to discover yourself and break your habits with: a short lesson, questions to self-reflect, and challenges to start your change.

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The model you'll learn more about:

Daniel Hochman, M.D.'s current of addiction model

"An unwanted habit is a trained pattern of seeking pleasure to escape intolerable, painful emotion."
- Daniel Hochman, M.D.

6 Day Habit Challenge

Instant Access to the Challenge

The cover page of a 6-day challenge worksheet


  • The science-based model created by Daniel Hochman, M.D. that you can do from home
  • Deep-dive questions to understand where you are and how to grow
  • Insightful challenges to change the way you operate

This Stuff Works... See What Our Customers Have To Say!

“More than anything, you helped me feel like I am “okay.” You have a gift of setting me at ease with your warmth and accepting nature, but you back that up with the concepts you teach so I can actually let go of the shame I’ve carried forever.”

-Katie T

“I cannot recommend Self Recovery highly enough! It’s been a joy working through the program, and the results have been life-changingly positive.” 

-Jay M

“Dr. Hochman gets it! I’ve already been diagnosed with so many things before. All that did was name my illness. What Self Recovery did is help me finally understand how it developed, and give me exercises to retrain my brain to become the person I dreamed of. I can’t believe this happened actually.”

-Jacob K

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You’re reading this letter right now because, like many, you’ve been dragged through the current of an unwanted habit. Some days it might feel like you’re breaking free, and other days like there’s no escape.

This is what happens when we don’t understand what drives illogical behavior.

If you want to break this cycle on a deeper level, you’ll love our movement.

We’ve noticed that most “experts” are giving simplistic advice like “try harder” or “just make the right choice” that don’t cut it. And then that leaves you feeling like there’s something wrong with you when you try the simplistic approach and come up short.

This happens because most approaches and professionals look at the outside behavior alone. Let’s make it clear: this is NOT an issue of decision-making or morals. After working with thousands of individuals I’ve learned that while every situation is unique, everyone already knows what a good decision looks like, and how to make them.

The two reasons unwanted habits hold their grasp on so many people is that 1) people are led to believe it will be too difficult, or 2) there aren’t enough research-based programs that address underlying issues to truly transform for life.

That's why we created the '6 Day Habit Challenge'

You can start real, lasting change privately, in the comfort of your home (or favorite toilet seat – we don’t judge :))

You will access an evidence-based model that’s easy to follow, and walks you through 6 days of proven strategies for real change. For each part of the model, you’ll spend one day being challenged to ask and do things to help you discover yourself and break habits.

While you do this, you’ll also be learning what NOT to do so you stop wasting your time with strategies that don’t last.

Imagine not having to:

  • Keep hurting yourself with something you don’t want to keep doing
  • Spend time with a treatment that might not even work
  • Pay for a professional that is likely to give advice you already know

…all while improving your lifestyle and ending your habit FOR GOOD.

Grab your 6 Day Challenge now to build a foundation for the ‘you’ you dream about,



Daniel Hochman, M.D.